Northern Baroque Art gain

For this DB, we are exploring how the artist engages the viewer and also the ‘role of the viewer.’ Select a work of art (either painting or sculpture) from Chapter 20: The Baroque in Northern Europe. The chapter is divided into three styles: Flemish Baroque (Flamboyant Baroque), Dutch Baroque (Restrained Baroque) and French Baroque (Classical Baroque), so do browse the chapter and see what appeals to you. I want to see a variety of works in this DB. Please do not choose an artwork that someone else has already chosen.

A. After making your selection, provide the following information in your post to identify your work:
1. Name of the artist.
2. Name or title of the work of art you have selected, and chapter figure numbers .

3. The style/movement or period of time and the date for your selected work of art.

4. The location and cultural origin of your selected work of art.

(These (items 1-4) are the basic ID information that you should know for every art work that you study as the course progresses.)

B. Describe your work and discuss how the artist engaged the viewer, or the role of the viewer in Northern Baroque art. Then, list three ways that the Baroque artist engages the viewer, with your selected work as an example. Be sure to include three ways for full credit. Things to consider: how is the viewer’s eye directed in the composition, where the viewer’s viewpoint is, how foreground, middle ground and background are used, etc. Specify what you see: for example, in one painting you’ll encounter, the artist paints himself in the painting. Where do you think the viewer is located? Inside the scene? Far away? To the left? Right? Center? etc.

***Please be sure that the art work is from Chapter 20, and to attach an image to your post.

C. For your two response posts, discuss your classmates ideas about the works they selected. Where do you agree? Where do you disagree? What else can you add to theirs? What else do you notice? — Be specific, building on the discussion by applying terms and concepts from this weeks Chapter 20 reading.

For EVERY discussion board you must read the chapter first and incorporate what you’ve learned about your selected artwork into your posts. You must put information into your own words and not copy from the Gardner’s textbook, websites or classmates, or you will not receive credit for your posts.