Nike’s Codes of Conduct

Identify and introduce the professional organization/body of your choice.
Provide an overview of their ethical code of conduct.
Offer a critical analysis of the code of conduct. The analysis should identify and describe 1) what kind of ethical framework it uses and 2) strengths and 2) weaknesses of the code.
After your analysis you should offer some comments about how you would change the code (by adding to or taking away from it) to make it stronger/better. You should provide justification/rationale for how your proposed changes will make it better, as well as how these changes might be instituted in practice (e.g., by members in real life).
Provide a short summary/conclusion of your paper.
Either track requires the use of at least 5 scholarly sources, properly cited in the body of your paper and a properly formatted bibliography. Your textbook can count as one of your sources. The bibliography does not count toward your 5-7 pages.