NewsLog of insecurity that is currently ongoing

News Log
Current events provide great insights into recent development of the thematic topics. Try to find occurrence of insecurity that is currently ongoing or recent (within 5 years).
The six topics covered:
Sub-state violence: civil war, ethnic conflict, terrorism
Arms control: WMDs, proliferation
Future war: cyber sovereignty and cyber security
People: demography, migration, refugees and internally displaced
Environment and security: international climate regime
Energy and resource security

You will be logging and commenting on one occurrence of insecurity anywhere in the world per topic. A complete news log will thus contain six entries, one for each topic.

In each log entry, provide a 100-word summary of the news articles and in another 100-150 words comment on its significance. See detailed instruction below.

Use the attached Template to complete this assignment.

Organize Format:

Insert the weekly topic that is relevant to your current event
Provide a 100-word summary of the news articles you read. Be sure to consult at least two sources to corroborate facts.
Cite all sources consulted in the 9th edition of APA style
Provide a 100-150 word commentary on
whether this current event is treated differently by the news sources cited. If so, briefly explain the differences.
why this particular current event is important to our understanding of international security.
the implications of this current event on U.S. foreign policy.
*Think about how you may convey your ideas both precisely and concisely. Try not to exceed the maximum length allowed.