Multi-genre Final Paper: Multi-genre writing is… it’s a piece of writing, right? But instead of being an expository monologue, as an essay is, or even a narrative monologue, as a short story or a personal reflection is, multi-genre is a piece of writing that is composed of many different parts, many different genres. The trick is for each of the genres to work by itself so it’s a complete piece of writing. Maybe you start with a poem and that poem will work and each piece of writing works in the multi-genre paper. So there could be a news story in it, different kinds of poetry, haiku, free-verse, short anecdotes, dialogues, want adsall of the different genres that you have in your paper, though, have the same, are about the same theme or about the same topic.

THE PAPER: Writers purpose: Your job is to inform a body of readers about a specific topic using research to back up your writing. Your paper may be strictly informational in tone, you may create an argumentative thesis and persuade your readers, or you can take on a more entertaining project. Just make sure that your paper is full of the important and useful information that comes out of your research.

Audience: You choose the audience that your paper speaks to. Depending on the genres and content, it could be an audience of a certain time period, a certain age level, of simply a contemporary audience. Keep this in mind while you write. As it is a class assignment, your peers and teacher will be reading your paper.

Form: Your final paper must include:

A preface to tell your readers what genres you are including and why
An introduction to your person
At least four different genres from different categories. (See list on following page)
A conclusion that ties your paper together
The four genres will be created and sent to me electronically OR through snail mail to my home as a final project. You MUST pick one genre from each of the four different categories below, which represent varying types of writing. Do not simply cut and paste four genres and call it a paper. Use your own professional discretion as to the margins in each genre. As you will see from the following list, not all genres will be completely non-fictional. You are free to merge the non-fictional research you with fictional context like in Remember the Titans. Just remember that this project is sport-related in nature. In other words, each of your choices must have a sport-related theme or context. For example, if you choose a Letter to the Editor, have it be something related to a current sport problem or issue.