Movie Analysis Presentation: Culture & Relationships

For this assignment, you are going to watch and analyze a movie from the list below and apply course concepts to 5 analytical questions. Each movie represents different types of relationships and may have various relationships that you can analyze within the movie; for example, a romantic relationship, a mother-son relationship, etc.

This assignment will be completed as a voice-over or video presentation. In other words, you can utilize PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or any other type of presentational software and embed a video of yourself or embed a voice-over in which you present your movie analysis. (Think about a lecture video.)

Assignment Structure:

Choose one of the listed movies and choose which relationship within the movie that you will analyze
Presentation Structure
Intro (should introduce the movie, provide context, identify the specific relationship, and identify the theme of your presentation)
The body of the outline will be dedicated to each of the analytical questions. (Be sure to provide proof through the use of examples, video clips from the movie, or images from the movie that speak to the question.) Don’t just show a photo of the two people if it’s not relevant to the question. (You can order the questions in any way that you want.)
The conclusion will provide a reflection of the overall theme and relationship and your overall thoughts about the interpersonal concepts that were revealed throughout the entire movie
Create the presentational aid using Powerpoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or any other type of presentational software that you are familiar with. Just be sure that it has the capabilities to include images, video clips, video, and/or audio recordings. (The slides can include clips from the movie, images, and keywords, but it should not include long paragraphs of text)
The last slide should be an APA formatted reference page.
Assignment Requirements:

The assignment should include 3-4 sources (not including the textbook). The sources should be utilized to help with understanding and analyzing the cultural impact of the relationship.
Movie Choices: (Choose 1 for the assignment. Challenge yourself to watch something you haven’t seen.)

The Break-Up
The Joy Luck Club
Catfish (The movie, not the TV show)
Knocked Up
Last Vegas
Civil War: Captain America vs Iron Man
The Help
The Incredibles
If Beale Street Could Talk
Crazy Rich Asians
Required Analytical Questions (All of these questions should be answered)

What stage of Knapps’ relational model was the relationship at the beginning of the film and why? What stage was the relationship by the end of the film and why? (Be sure to include examples to support your answer and explain the relational turning points that shifted the move)
Choose 2-3 cultures or co-cultures that had the biggest impact on the perceived and presenting selves of the characters within the relationship? Why did it have such an impact on the people and the relationship? (Consider gender, race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status, values, customs, etc.)
Which one of the four influences of perception had the biggest impact on the relationship? Explain why and give examples.
Additional Analytical Questions (Choose 2 for the assignment.)

Provide examples for four of the principles of interpersonal communication.
Describe examples of self as demonstrated in this movie. Include components such as ego boundaries, self-concept, self-esteem, and self-fulfilling prophecy.
What role does perception play in this movie? Provide specific terms and examples.
Identify examples of self-disclosure made by characters in this movie. What was the purpose of the self-disclosure? Was the self-disclosure appropriate? Was it reciprocated? Did the benefits outweigh the costs?
Analyze the self-disclosure of two characters of the movie according to the social penetration theory. Be sure to determine whether your analysis of these self-disclosures is consistent with what the theory would have predicted for these characters.
What impression management strategies were used by the characters and why? Were the strategies successful? Why or why not?
Did the relationship suffer from any consequences of mediated communication? If so, what were the consequences? (Consider the 2 types of consequences identified in the text.)
Considering the characteristics of a competent communicator, would you consider anyone from the movie relationship to be competent? Why or why not? (Give examples or proof)
Assignment Submission:

Submit presentation via a URL link (This can be from a Google Drive, OneCloud, or YouTube. However, be sure to check your privacy settings to ensure that I will be able to review your presentation without needing additional steps.)