Motivational letter for: Social Security and Resilience

Description: In the broader context of the programme Social Resilience and Security, we seek to bring together interdisciplinary insights in the field of transgressive behaviour, with representatives from five faculties (Faculties of Governance and Global Affairs, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Archaeology). In this programme, we seek to provide a broad and deep understanding of what actually concerns transgressive behaviour; how to study it; how to explain the occurrence of various types of transgressive behaviour; how to intervene, and how to assess the effects of interventions. These effects include, but are not limited to, the effects of social (individual) interventions, the use and objectives of legal interventions and the effects of policy interventions.
At the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, we study the aetiology, scope, patterns and explanations of interpersonal violence, and the impact these events and their perpetrators have on public order. In doing so, we adopt a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary perspective, in which we use and adapt concepts from sociology, public health and public policy, criminology, victimology, forensic psychology and pedagogy moving past traditional mono-disciplinary approaches. In our research, we seek to better understand when and how to prevent (future) violence, and to aid efforts to reduce the violence burden on society.