Morality vs law

Option #1: Research Paper (4 pages)
Option 1.1: Close Reading and Analysis of a Novel or Film
Analyze a novel or film that explores our themes. Show how the author builds an argument through their creative medium. Explicate the argument while offering relevant historical, legal, philosophical context. Do research to find additional scholarly sources that help you analyze the work and the relevant contexts. You may choose a novel we read in class or a new work. Regardless of what you choose, explain the relevant plot details for the reader. Do not assume they have read or viewed the work before.

Option #2: Creative Work
Create a short story, short film, podcast, series of poems, or other creative work in which you explore tensions between morality and the law, past or present

Papers should be at least 4 pages long, double-spaced (do not use Google Docs to submit). Develop a thesis that addresses both a what (i.e., what claim will you be arguing for?) and a how (i.e., how can you break up the thesis into distinct sub-theses?). Consider how you might indicate the organization of your paper in the thesis itself. Be sure to address counterarguments and nuance your thesis accordingly.
You must cite at least five sources, in addition to readings from class. At least three of these sources must be articles from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Cite in MLA style (include in-text citations and a bibliography) or Chicago (end notes or footnotes).
***EXCEPTION (creative projects need not include citations).***