Moonlight Film

For your final stretch, its time to show me youve been paying attention this semester, and just maybe you didnt bs your midterm outline at 3am like you told all your friends. This paper is simple and you get a lot of creative freedom, I will provide suggestions for the papers set-up, but these are mere suggestions for those are unfamiliar with writing short analytic papers:
Begin your paper with a short introduction. This will be one of the briefest parts of your paper. Your thesis is usually best situated as the last sentence of your intro paragraph. DO NOT give me a Beyonce biography. DO NOT summarize Moonlight. Your introduction is setting up your paper for me: I want to know how the question youre exploring came about, what interests led you there, why this investment is important to you.
Let each claim (your three reasons supporting your thesis) you are making become its own paragraph, head the paragraph with your claim statement, and follow each claim with evidence and your analysis of that evidence.
Be sure you are properly using quotes. There are no need for lengthy or block quotes in a short paper. Your sentences should not contain more quoted material than your own analysis and quoted material should not be in more than two (really, one) consecutive sentences. Still, YOUR USE OF QUOTES MUST ADEQUATELY SUPPORT EACH CLAIM MADE.
Your conclusion is not just a summary. In a short paper like this, there is no need to summarize at all. Make a new but related claim that adds value to the work your argument is doing.
Some requirements to remember; THEY ARE MUSTS!
Your final papers must be AT LEAST five full pages in length. If this length intimidates you, I strongly encourage you to send in your optional draft assignment.
These five pages do not include a Works Cited page. I prefer you use MLA citation style. Do not use footnotes. If you decide to include images, attach them after you full five pages, number them, and refer to them by their numbers.
No period-tricks or any other get-word-count quick schemes. Follow the formatting as stated in the syllabus.