Micro Economic implications on the Occupation of Economic Consultant

Part C (Include the topic marked [R] and two of the three marked [O]):

[R] How has productivity and/or profitability for the occupation changed over the last business cycle (2008 to present) and how has productivity and/or profitability affected employment levels and compensation? * needs graphs or number
[O] Describe the extent to which the occupation is unionized or is susceptible to unionization and the consequences unionization or lack of it for workers in the occupation *
[O] How much education or training is usual for the occupation and what is the cost of the education or costs to enter the occupation? What length of time to become one of the highest ranking managers or officers in the firms employing workers in that occupation and what levels of compensation are associated with these positions? needs graph or table
[O] Are there any positive or negative externalities involved in the occupation? If so how is employment in the occupation likely to be affected? *