Medical Case File: Solve the Mystery

Refer to the patient history data (on the previous page of this module) to determine what type(s) of specific brain injury each patient has experienced, and which regions of the brain are affected.
For each case, ask yourself:
What specific condition(s) does this patients symptoms describe? (You should go beyond simply “aphasia”. Rather, what type(s) of aphasia or other conditions are implicated?)

Use the text field below to enter your diagnosis summary for all 3 patients into our shared medical case file, where it can be reviewed by our medical team (your peers in this class).
After you post your diagnosis summary, please comment on at least 1 post by your peers.
Use this as an opportunity to explore the patient history, information from your textbook, and support your peers in their diagnostic thinking!
Let’s have some fun with this critical thinking opportunity.
Note: There may be more than one correct answer for each patient case.