Matlab for mathematics

any style. I just want help for level 1 ( all the tasks) and from level 2 (the second and third tasks which wants coding, and nothing from level 3. I would like to have all the coding (copy paste) in word with the way as the solutions of assignments that i will attach.

I will attach the questions of the project, and i will also attach some assignment from previous materials with their solutions so that the writer can understand how the lecturer wants to be solved. We must use no build-up functions. Finally, i will attach chapter 14 which is the main source we have for the project

More details:

First of all for the TASK 1 for level 1 is theoretical. We have to explain what is asked to, with details without copying (plagiarism) and with no coding.. Then we can of course add some formulas but NOT coding.

Now, in general for the other tasks (which want coding ) , i would like to have everything as it is asked. It must not contain examples by the writer. We must not use any build-up functions. I am a mathematics student. The function will be written (coding) have to be in details. and we always have to start by the
function (output) = the name ( the inputs in any case ) then write the coding and when we take the outcome from the command window it must be showed as >> something.
So regarding coding in word, has be shown as
from the editor:
the function … =
the rest coding
and then from the command window the output like this
>> (something)
(i will attach lecturer’s solutions of some assignments so that you understand better )

In all the levels, for task 1 we have to explain what it is asked (only theory and maybe some formulas but not coding)
Then for task 2 we have to create a function exactly as how it is asked to be, and then use that function we created to find a specific output with specific inputs ( for example level 1 task 2, we have to use the function we have created to find c for the inputs x = (0:length(myvec)-1) and y = myvec(:) ) So the coding will be only the function we have to create and then use it for the specific values. myvec= [1 14 1 19 20 9 11 25 18 11 15 21].

(No build-up function anywhere)

Then for the other task, you will see that it may ask the same thing as Level 1’s tasks but with some differences in each case.

The project has to include references
Also, it must be done in Matlab only
In general, i would like to be solved exactly what asks and of course do not do examples by your own.
For the first tasks which are theoretical, we must not copy anything exactly as it is from the internet but we have to explain it ( so that i don’t take plagiarism) and may write and some formula and a graph to be explained better but the main task is to explain it theoretically.

All the functions has to be used for the specific cases are written.
In all exercises, myvec= [1 14 1 19 20 9 11 25 18 11 15 21]
some graphs will may need

I am attaching some materials as how we work in general so that you be able to understand how the lecturer wants them to be written. And chapter 14 is the main source we had to, to do it, please give them attention.
*The project has to include references
*myvec= [1 14 1 19 20 9 11 25 18 11 15 21]