Marijuana Should be Legalized

Research Paper:You will be required to research a subject of your choice selected from the list below and prepare an 8-10-page paper (double spaced) reporting the current data on the subject. I want you to quote the data and give proper reference to where the material was obtained. The paper will conclude with your own thoughts.
Research Topics:Choose one of the drugs listed: 1. Marijuana2. Alcohol3. MethamphetamineChoose a side telling me why your drug should or should not be legalized. I expect you give me scientific evidence and not just your opinion.Format of Paper: Title(Cannabis, Methamphetamine, or Alcohol)
I. IntroductionII. HistoryIII. Research (4 pro and 4 con)PRO:1. 2.3.4. CON:1. 2.3.4.IV. ConclusionV. Reference Cited (APA format)