lyric and poetry

Consult the MLA research web page on the Owl Purdue site at to see how to do text notes and works cited citations, and specific examples of different types of citations. Do not do a title page. Essays must be a minimum of seven pages (6 whole pages of text and a works cited page), and they must cite at least five sources. Acceptable sources include web pages, books, recordings, periodicals, newspapers, CDs, downloads, relevant personal interviews, and films. Encyclopedias will not count as sources because they are common knowledge; however, specialized reference books will be acceptable. SparkNotes. CliffsNotes, Shmoops, and other study aids will not count as sources either. You should use some scholarly articles, music magazines or reviews. is a great source for music reviews. One of the sources must be the actual song or poem
Students need to pick a poem or a favorite song. Each student must pick a different lyricist or poet and sign up for him or her on the suggested author list.
Whenever you use another persons thoughts or ideas, make sure that you either paraphrase or use quotes. Always use MLA guidelines for documenting sources. Students must use parenthetical documentation (also known as textnotes) rather than footnotes, which are cumbersome and outdated.
Students need to apply at least three poetry definition (included on this handout) to the work.
Students should pick sophisticated and/or lengthy and challenging works to analyze. In addition, the prospectus or proposal should tell what the student is trying to do and in the paper, and it should summarize some of his or her thoughts on the poem (s.) or song (s). It must also name two potential sources of information in MLA works cited format at the bottom of the page.
Each student must also complete a typed proposal or prospectus that tells which author and poem(s) or song(s) with poetic elements that the student is covering. No papers on short stories, novels, or plays will be accepted for this assignment.
You need to send me a one-paragraph proposal by Thursday, April 23. The proposal must tell which song or poem you are using, and it should state some basic info on the song or poem. It must also mention a few sources and it should have the sources in MLA format at the bottom of the page.
Rough drafts are due for peer editing on Tuesday, April 30. You should have someone you trust peer edit your typed draft (it will not be collected.) If there is no one in your house that can do it email one of your follow students on the Brightspace classlist. You do not need to send me the draft but the final version of the essay is due on Wednesday, May 5.
on that day anyway. Students who missed the class must make up the speeches on the next class.

Poetry definitions (many can also be applied to songs) .You need to use at least three in the essay.
Allusion-A reference to something outside the text (often it is literary or historical)
Theme-What the poem is about (usually it tends to be a bigger subject like love or death)

Narrator-The speaker of or in a poem
Persona-The identity that the poet assumes to tell the poem
Metaphor-An expressed relationship between two things often using is
Simile- An expressed relationship between two things often using like or as
Symbol-a word, image etc. that represents two things

Allegory-A work in which almost everything is symbolic including characters. An example would be Young Goodman Brown or The Truman Show.
Stanza-In poetry, groups of lines separated by space (prose generally has paragraphs instead of stanzas)
Enjambment- a situation in which the sense of one line or stanza runs over into the following line, or stanza
End-stopped line-a situation in which the sense of a line of poetry is logically, grammatically concluded,
often with end punctuation, such as a period, exclamation point, or question mark

Denotation-the dictionary definition of the word

Connotation-what words, through their use within culture, imply

Rhyme scheme-patterns of recurring sounds at the end of lines

Lyric-a short songlike poem, often about love

Lyre-A tortoise shell with strings that was used as an instrument. The ancient Greeks chanted or read
memorized poems while they played lyres.

Epic- A long poem, often telling a story

Alliteration Repetition of initial consonant sounds within a poem

Assonance-Repetition of initial vowel sounds within a poem

Time Table
Thursday, April 23-typed one-paragraph proposal is due
Thursday, April 30-Rough Draft is due (it will not be collected)
Thursday, May 5-Final Research Essay is due

Suggested Poets and Songwriters (You may pick someone who is not on the list but I must approve your artist on the proposal)

Time of Class ________


Maya Angelou

Fiona Apple

Arcade Fire

Billy joe Armstrong,/Green Day

John Ashberry

W.H. Auden

Cardi B.

Jimmy Santiago Baca

Bad Bunny

Julien Baker

Amiri Baraka/Leroy Jones

Charles Baudelaire

Syd Barrett

Courtney Bartnett

Matt Berninger/The National



Patrica Barber

William Blake

Gwendolyn Brooks

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Jeff Buckley

Kate Bush

Caf Tacuba

Brandi Carlile

Lewis Carroll

Neko Case

Nick Cave

Chance the Rapper

Manu Chao

Helen Chasin

Vic Chestnutt

Jimmy Cliff

Childish Gambino

Cardi B.

Julian Casablanca (The Strokes, Voidz)

Chuck D

Sandra Cisernos

Lucille Clifton

Kurt Cobain

Jarvis Cocker /Pulp

Samuel, Taylor Coleridge

J. Cole

Billy Collins

Wayne Coyne (flaming lips)


Elvis Costello



Billie Eilish


Florence and the Machine

Lana Del Rey

Ray Davies (the kinks)
Del Rey, Lana

Zach De Rocha/rage against the machine)

James Dickey

Emily Dickinson

Snoop Dogg/Lion

John Donne


Bob Dylan

Laurence Ferlinghetti

Carolyn Forche

Foster the Children

Noel Gallagher (Oasis)

Childish Gambino

Allen Ginsberg



Ariana Grande


Terrence Hayes

Jimi Hendrix

Josh Homme /Queens of the Stone Age

Langston Hughes

Ice Cube

Ice T

Michael Jackson

Jay Z

Robert Johnson

Lady Ga Ga

Kendrick Lamarr

Miranda Lambert

John Lennon

Lil Wayne

Phillip Larkin

Arthur Lee/Love

John Lennon

Lil Wayne

Patricia Lockwood

Jennifer Lopez

Lorde (singer)
Lupe Fiasco

Audre Lorde

Courtney Love


John Keats

Ghostface Killah

Elle King

Etheridge Knight

Fela Kuti

Jon Langford/The Mekons



Bob Marley

Sebastian Nosalik

Vic Mensa

Freddie Mercury (Queen)


Niki Minaj

Joni Mitchell

Janelle Monae

Pat Mora

Marianne Moore

Alanis Morrisette

Morrissey /The Smiths

Morrison, Jim

Kacey Mustgraves


Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)

Frank Ocean

Mary Oliver
Angel Olsen

Katy Perry



Sylvia Plath

Edgar Allan Poe

John Prine


Lou Reed

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)

Adrienne Rich


Arthur Rimbaud

Edward Arlington Robinson


Michael Robbins

Smokey Robinson


Carl Sandburg


Ann Sexton

William Shakespeare (as a poet)



Charles Simic

Tupac Shakur

St. Vincent

Percy Shelley

Sturgill Simpson

Eliot Smith

Patti Smith

Patricia Smith

Bruce Springsteen

Getrude Stein

Sufjan Stevens

Cat Stevens

Mark Strand

Taylor Swift

Pete Townscend (The Who)

Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)

Taylor Swift

21 Pilots

Tom Waits

Kanye West

Phillis Wheatley

Brian Wilson (beach boys)

Amy Winehouse

Thom Yorke (Radiohead)

Neil Young

Warren Zevon