Liability of bloggers for defamation

Minimum of 6 pages (excluding cover page, works cited page).
Your research paper must include the following:
at least 2 cases or statutes from Pennsylvania or other jurisdictions (primary material obtained through Lexis-Nexis searches or other sources); and
at least 4 secondary-source materials (i.e., n ewspaper and general-interest magazine articles, and articles published or posted in/on law reviews, media-related academic journals, media law Websites such as First Amendment Center and trade publications such as Editor & Publisher) . You will find examples of media-related websites in the External Links section of Blackboard.
Where possible, please discuss cases from Pennsylvania or other jurisdictions that we have not discussed in class.
Please do not cite or quote the following as sources for your research paper, although you may use them as a starting point for your research:
The textbook for this or any other course