Lesson Plans

DESCRIPTION: Plan, develop, and implement a standards-based lesson plan using the FSC Lesson Plan Template (uploaded) that includes a clearly stated learning goal which is aligned to the Florida Standards. Completed lesson plan including reflection to Chalk and Wire.

Plan for the use of a variety of strategies and techniques that clearly convey high expectations to all students through effective oral and written communication using standard English including making effective use of time and materials, keeping classroom student distractions minimal, implementing contingent praise for good behavior, addressing disruptive student misbehavior and differentiating the learning environment for students in need.

Plan for standards-based instruction including long term instructional goals and short-term objectives that includes differentiating content, process and/or product during instruction for all students including ELL, ESE, and gifted needs utilizing developmentally appropriate strategies and language sensitive content adapting the curriculum to support all learners in mastering content and language learning objectives

Analyze and explain how data from selected formative and diagnostic assessments and their purposes are effective in monitoring and planning for student learning using cultural background and prior educational experiences to monitor student performance and design interventions.

Plan for instruction that includes multi-sensory instruction, based on gaps in content area knowledge including difficulty with reading and computational performance, incorporating differentiated instruction and assessment strategies and resources, including technology to enhance instruction that is relevant and comprehensible for all students, providing immediate, highly effective and specific academic feedback that is timely, accurate and specific to promote student achievement, modifying instruction to respond to preconceptions or misconceptions based on student needs and feedback.

Plan for using higher order questioning techniques that include building off K-12 student responses and use motivational strategies to deliver engaging and challenging lessons that include realistic projects and problem solving activities and link the subject matter with other disciplines and life experiences that include critical thinking skills.

Plan for variety of instructional literacy strategies including multi-sensory instruction and culturally responsive/sensitive materials to promote student understanding of content delivered and academic vocabulary.

Create and develop a variety of formative and summative performance based assessments aligned with standards-based instruction to monitor student progress, mastery, and learning gains and modify instruction as needed to accurately assess and adjust instruction in response to K-12 student performance and progress, including and curricular based on the data.