legalized marijuana

Using evidence from the article, As More States Legalize Marijuana,

Investors And Marketers Line Up by Uri Berliner for The New York Times,

answer the following question:

Is it a good idea to legalize marijuana?

The choice is up to you so long as you support your position with evidence from the text. This is NOT a forum for your personal opinion – stick to the text (the article.)

Your response should be a FULL ESSAY with an Introduction, 3-4 Body Paragraphs and a Conclusion.

The IN CLASS ESSAY is more about being concise and expressing your thoughts as economically as possible. It may be a little shorter than usual. Just make sure each Body Paragraph has at least ONE piece of evidence from the text.)

Here are some clues to a successful essay.


– Bring us into the world, let us know a little bit about the cause (the legalization of marijuana).

– Mention the title and author of the article.

– End the Introduction by stating your THESIS clearly, That legalizing marijuana is either a good idea or a bad idea.

Three Body Paragraphs:

– Start each one with a clear reason (or Topic Sentence) for why legalizing marijuana is either a good or bad idea.

– Support that reason (or claim) with evidence (or quotations) from the article.

– Explain how the evidence proves the reason.

(Note: look at the Discussion Thread on legalization. It contains lots of ideas for great Body Paragraphs.)


– Re-state your thesis in new words.

– Perhaps ask What if? What if legalizing marijuana was the opposite of what you chose?