Legal implications and social media concerns

This week we are considering legal issues in the workplace. One of the biggest concerns of our day includes social media/electronic communications, so we need to understand the legal implications and how this issue can affect us and those around us, both professionally and personally.
Read the following articles in preparation for your assignment:
Young Conaway Staff (2015, January 12). Lawsuits, discovery, and the right to privacy in the context of social media. The Delaware Employment Law Blog. Retrieved from
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Leopold, T. (2015, April 16). Public shaming, social media, ruined lives. CNN. Retrieved from
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Sciullo, M. (2016, March 30). Wendy Bell, fired over her controversial Facebook posts, says she didnt get a ‘fair shake’. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Retrieved from
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Wu, J. (n.d.). U.S. EEOC recognizes social medias role in workplace harassment. Maximize Social Business. Retrieved from
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You may want to locate additional resources to inform your thoughts before composing a response to the following questions:
Part 1
Explain how social media or other electronic communications are handled at your workplace (if you are not employed, consider how they might be handled in your intended career field). What is your employers policy, and do you perceive this policy to be effective? Why or why not?
What implications exist for you when considering social media (work, personal, school) that you need to be mindful of?
Support your response with personal illustrations, references to the provided articles, company policies, scholarly sources, etc.
Part 2
Locate, cite, and summarize a recent news story that involves social media in the workplace (the Wendy Bell article is an example of what you are looking for). Be sure to explain the context of the career field and how this impacts the case. (Try to use the same field as your intended career. Do not use the same case that someone else has already shared.)
After briefly summarizing the story for your classmates, critique the outcome (or possible outcomes) for the context and defend your stance. Be sure to include the exact URL for your article in your APA citation so we can read more about it and make connections to other cases.
*Always be sure to cite your sources in the Blogs and Discussions using APA style. Don’t worry about the spacing; just include all the required citation details. Here’s a great resource that explains how to cite electronic sources:
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and employee handbook/policies:
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Please label your discussion with Part 1 and Part 2 for organization and clarity. Thanks!