r Overall Premise of the Leadership Development Plan Portfolio Paper
o Complete and submit your Personal Leadership Development Portfolio Paper. The purpose of this paper is to articulate your development as a leader from a Christian Worldview. Include the following content in your paper as you integrate the material covered in each class and assignments.
o Your paper should include 12 pages of content in addition to the title page and reference page. Include title and reference page with at least five references correlating with the five citations in your paper. Make sure the sources/references are graduate level and obtained from the Belhaven Virtual Library, not from websites on the internet. Use headings to support the organization of your content.
o Turn the paper in through Canvass Turnitin Link and bring a hardcopy to class.
o Be prepared to make a brief informal presentation on the highlights of what you learned and what you learned in this course that surprised you the most in class seven.
The following is a suggested outline for your paper:
r Introduction One Full Page
o Biblical paradigm/theological support for biblical leadership in contrast to a secular perspective on leadership and or characteristics of biblical leadership. What are your biblical leadership strengths and weaknesses
o Assessment of current leadership condition or status.
o Description of future leadership development goals and state.
o Elaboration on how each weekly topic will support working towards your leadership development goals. Recommend using additional level of headings for each weekly topic for example, the heading for the expectation might be Course Support and then you could include Vision, Communication, Time Management, Critical Thinking, etc. as subheadings and elaborate accordingly as to how this topic can support your leadership development goals.
r Body Part 1: Provide a three-page synopsis of your learning styles, top 5 strengths and personality type and how each of these support your leadership development. To gather this data you will need to complete each of the following:
o Youve Got Style with the four learning style assessments: in a handout available in the announcement section of the Canvas Page.
o Strengthsfinder 2.0 Read Part 1 of the Rath text. Take the online assessment using the code in the book to reveal your top 5 strengths. Read applicable portions to your strengths in Part 2.
o Go to www.16personalities.com and take the free personality test. Capture all the information in the report that is provided. In the report in small print there are two tangential pages that you will need to also capture: career and relationships.
r Body Part 2: Write on each of the following topics already covered and written on earlier in this course. You can use the same research, but you will need to paraphrase what you have previously written in a fresh way. Then provide your goals over the next 5, 10, 20 years in each area.
Vision & Mission
Time Management
Problem Solving
Effective Leadership
o Cover under each of the five areas the following (from page 333 of the Baldwin text) by writing a couple of sentences about each bullet for each of the five topics above:
Initial Diagnosis: What do you value in this area? What do you want to achieve? Where do you see yourself now; in 5, 10, 20 years?
Assessment: Seek feedback from others and utilize as many tools as possible (personality measures, career preferences) to enhance your understanding of yourself in this area.
Design: What opportunities can you seek out that will help you fill in the gaps in your experience in this area.
Implementation: How will you take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves in this area.
Support: How will you seek feedback and development opportunities in this area?
Evaluation: How will you measure your progress in this area?
Theological support should be provided for each area providing support from a Christian Worldview Perspective for biblical leadership in contrast to a secular perspective of leadership.
Be sure to have a cited resource that supports your goal in each area. Nothing should be on the reference page that is not cited within the paper and vice versa.
= Body Part 3: Theocritical Reflection. Discuss your theological support for biblical leadership in contrast to the secular perspective of leadership. Write two full pages including what you believe Gods perspective is on leadership and your choice of vocation.
= Conclusion
= No new information.
o Summarize your goals and discuss how they will have come to fruition based on what you outlined in the introduction and through the paper.
= The paper should be 12 pages and have at least five resources cited within the paper and referenced on the reference page from the Belhaven Virtual Library peer reviewed/scholarly articles.
= Informal Presentation in class.