Law School Admissions

Law school applicant need writing assistance

Good evening,

I am applying to law school and need writing assistance almost from scratch. I need the following items:

1. Personal Statement (2 pages)

2. Character and Fitness Addendum (1-2 pages)

3. Prior Law School Explanation Addendum (1 page)

I have some information to pass along on each of the above but will need the writer to really flesh out (ideas, organization, struct and purpose). I am available almost 24/7 if you need any additional information from me. I will be available at your beck and call to get this done.

2 Criminal conviction from 30 years ago one felony and one misdemeanor no other problems. Both eligible for expungement but may be moot since the state is considering automatically deleting criminal histories after 10 years of no further convictions.

Academic dismissal from Law school 30 years ago. During a bad time mother was sick and i was driving back and 1.5 hours each way between home and school to take care of ailing mother.