Last Judgment-Sistine Chapel-Michelangelo

Research Paper Guidelines- Art Survey I Spring 2020
100 pts. Writing Assignment- critical analysis
How to begin:
Options: Single image analysis or Compare/Contrast of two images of the same theme by two different artists Ex: Last Supper, Last Judgment, Annunciation .
Pick the art object(s) out of our art history book or from a reputable source. Email me your choice to make sure it is acceptable for a formal assignment.
Find something with a large colored image (s)by well-known exemplar artist(s). If you pick something small, try to find a larger image. If you pick a sculpture or architectural structure, be sure to analyze only the piece and not the photograph of the sculpture.

The most important part of this piece will be your observed formal analysis. Use the terms on your vocab sheet. Do not define them. Describe how they function in the specific piece.