Kenneth Bianchi (connect two case study theories to him)

You will be assigned individual cases. In the first half of the paper, you will research the person; detail their backgrounds and the crimes they committed. Detail their arrests, charges, convictions and sentences, where appropriate. You will then connect them to the theories in your text. Be clear and detailed. This is a research paper, therefore, I expect depth. Let your inner criminologist come out. In the next step, speculate, based on your text, why they committed the crimes that they did. Attach your reasoning to specific theories in your text and explain why you believe your subject fits the criteria of those theories.

You must use reputable sources. While some off your cases may have been on television shows and you may find it interesting to watch, you will need sources that can provide accurate accounts and information that would be pertinent to this assignment. CCM LRC gives you free access to scholarly articles that will be appropriate for this assignment. You need a minimum of three sources. While I encourage you to use your textbook, you will need three additional sources. Wikipedia, Murderpedia, etc. are not acceptable sources.

The paper needs to be a minimum of three full pages, excluding the title page and the reference page. Four pages is the maximum permitted. Quotations are not permitted for this assignment. This does not mean the use of quotation marks, it means that you may not use the words from another source. This is a very short paper; I want all of the words to be yours.

APA style is required. You will need a title page (with running head, page #, your information, the school’s information, your course number and section, and the date), in-text citations (for quotes, paraphrases and summaries) and a reference page. One inch margins all around, Times New Roman 12 font. You will not need an abstract, headings or authors notes. For the second and subsequent pages, the header includes the title on the left margin (all caps) and the page # on the right margin.