Is torture ever justified?

A summary of your argument that incorporates the following criteria.
A title: This should be the issue that you have selected.
An introductory paragraph with explanation of the controversy,
background information if needed, and your thesis/conclusion (answer to
the issue).
Body paragraphs that contain your reasoning and research in support of
your thesis/conclusion.
In-text citations of at least eight sources using MLA format.
In addition, your paper must include the following.
Acknowledgement and brief explanation of the oppositions argument
A rebuttal that addresses the main points of the oppositions argument
(concession or refutation)
A concluding paragraph that provides closure to your argument. You may
want to include possible limitations of your conclusion and/or the
conditions under which you might reconsider your conclusion (thesis), and possible next steps to consider regarding this issue.
3. A final page should list the resources that are cited in your paper. MLA style reference page listing the sources cited.
The paper should be typed and approximately 7 pages long plus a reference page.