Is themethodology and/or dataflawed?

PromptA) The first paragraph/sshouldcontain a summary of themost important information and/or the major pointsof the article. Be sure to provide some background context regarding the central theme/topic of this article.B) Subsequent paragraphs should focus on how this article relates to the content of the course. Be sure to apply at least 5 concepts and/or theories from our textbook to your selected article. More specifically, does this article contradict and/or compliment the information that is already in our textbook?You may also elaborate on the significance of this article such as introducing new developments in the field, including newer research, and/or adifferent methodology discussed/utilized, etc. Make sure you are including a thorough comparison to the Healey and OBrien textbook.C) Concluding paragraphsshouldcontain your own evaluation of the article. The following questions may help to guide your critique of the article: Is it well written? Is it clear? Is the information complete?Is themethodology and/or dataflawed?Is moreresearch on the topic needed? For additional information on how to avoid plagiarizing, visit this link:*Failure to in-text cite will yield no credit.