Investment portfolio

For your final project, you will build three $500,000 portfolios: one conservative, one moderate, and one aggressive. You will include 8 10 investment vehicles in each portfolio. Although you will include some paragraph writing to explain your approach and selections, most of your project will include comparisons of your selections and respective portfolios. You will use information from your text as well as publicly available information from sources such as The Wall Street Journal, S&P, Dow Jones, individual company websites, among others.
Discuss what a conservative, a moderate, and an aggressive portfolio would look like. What type of investor might be interested in each style? Include considerations of age, investment experience, time horizon, and other constraints.
Include 8 10 investment vehicles in each portfolio. What percentage of the portfolio will be in each investment vehicle? What is your rationale for choosing specific investment choices in each portfolio style? If appropriate, you may use the same vehicle in multiple portfolios. For example, Stock A might be an appropriate choice for at least two of the portfolios but in different percentages. The following are example investment vehicles:

Stocks (common, preferred; large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap; growth, value, blend; domestic, foreign)
Fixed income (Treasuries, municipal; revenue, general obligation; corporate; CMO; domestic, foreign; short, intermediate, or long term; secured, unsecured)
Investment companies (mutual fund; ETF; closed-end fund; UIT)
Derivatives (options; futures)
Alternative investments (commodities; private equity; hedge fund; venture capital; real estate)

Provide details on each investment vehicle you select. The following are examples of details to consider when selecting a specific investment vehicle:

Historical returns
Fees, commissions, or other charges
Comparison to other vehicles in the same class or to the appropriate index (that is, if you choose Fund A, describe how it compares to its peer group)
Investment minimums, if applicable
Asset class and style (e.g., large-cap stock, municipal bond fund, etc)
Special considerations

Your final project should be between 10 and 12 pages, double-spaced, for the main content. Include an appendix (not counted in the 10 12 pages) that shows your calculations and background analysis for the portfolios you create