Interview/Reflection: You should not choose an immediate family member or college student. The following questions serve as a guide and framework for your post:

1. What is the name of the person you interviewed/reflected upon, and what sort of leadership role does he or she have? 1-2 sentences

2. Why did you select the person you chose to interview/reflect upon? 1 sentence

3. Find out the following from the leader you interview and address each aspect in your post: limit to 250 words

brief description of his or her leadership style
Personal philosophy or view of leadership. For example, how, as a leader, he or she interacts with and is impacted by followers. Briefly/summarize
ONE advice for you as a student studying leadership.
4. How does the information you learned in the interview either, validate, refute, or reinforce what you have learned about leadership in the article. To answer this question, you will need to include examples from the interview and one relevant quote from the article to support this answer.