Interpersonal Psychotherapy as an Evidenced-Based Practice

Week 11 Discussion 1 Interpersonal Psychotherapy as an Evidenced-Based Practice

Synthesizing theory and research is critical to establishing a theoretically and empirically anchored therapeutic orientation for the practice of clinical psychology. Throughout this course, you have been provided many learning resources related to the Interpersonal Psychotherapy orientation and approach. It is critical that you are able to expand your theoretical and empirical knowledge regarding your approach to practice, as well as to develop a continued expertise in various theoretical approaches utilized in practice, for your overall knowledge in the field of professional psychology and practice.

For this Discussion, you will write 2-PAGES synthesize the research you have addressed thus far to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support Interpersonal Psychotherapy as an evidence-based approach to therapy.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the articles found in the Learning Resources and consider whether interpersonal psychotherapy is supported by evidence as an approach to therapy.

Post your position, based on your review of the relevant research and theory information discussed thus far in the course on whether the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach is an evidence-based therapy, and justify your reasons for why or why not. Use your Learning Resources to support your position. Use proper APA format and citations.