International Business

Select two countries and one company to research. The purpose of the assignment is to (i) present
an analysis and comparison of the assigned countries from an economic, political, and cultural
perspective, and (ii) provide an overview of the assigned company, (iii) to determine which country is
best suited for international expansion, and (iv) provide a recommendation of how the company
should go about entering the chosen country (i.e. entry strategy, small versus large scale entry, type
of organizational structure that should be used, customized versus standardized marketing
approach). In certain cases, the company may already exist in one or both the selected countries.
That being the case, the team is to provide an overview of how well the company operates in each
country and determine which of the two countries is best suited to the company.
The presentation should include the following:
1. Company analysis
a. Background information on the company
b. Strengths and weaknesses of the company in the domestic market.(S.W.O.T.)
2. Analysis of the two countries
a. Economic
b. Political
(i) make sure you cover regional economic integration in this section
c. Cultural
(i) include Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, etc., as well as business and
consumer cultural customs specific to the country
(ii) compare cultural similarities and differences between the countries and the
3. Selection of one country to enter
a. Rationale for why you selected this country over the otherwhy is it a better fit
for the company, and what criteria did you use?