In what ways are religious belief and anxiety about death related?

Clearly articulate a statement which describes and summarises your argument and you should provide a clear definition of belief, anxiety and related constructs. You need to attempt an argument- a series of causal links- between these core features (or an argument for why they are not related). You should provide examples and illustrations to support your argument and these should be supported with reference to valid and reliable sources(i.e. material published in peer reviewed journals).
Important to stick to the point-demonstrate knowledge and communicate relevant information that is consistently related to your argument. You should not use illustrations that are beyond your definitions (or where such illustrations stray beyond your definitions, you should acknowledge this as part of your argument). For higher marks you will be required to demonstrate insight (insight is something that makes someone else want to talk to you about your own ideas on the topic). Your essay will include very little unnecessary information but encourage you to use hypotheticals (thought experiments or predictions) and counterfactuals (e.g. if humans didn’t have x, how would this impact y?).
Top marks awarded for demonstrating an understanding of the extent and limitation of the topics. What else do we need to know? Why don’t we know it?A good essay will make the marker stop to consider the implications of your argument.