In the book Ar’n’t I A Woman? by Deborah Gray White, the author explores the nature of female slavery in the pre-Civil War plantation South.

Your paper should focus solely on the Deborah Gray White book, Arnt I A Woman? – do not do outside research or bring in outside sources.


Your paper should be a full 4-5 pages in length. It should be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced. It should have a heading with your name, date, and our class name. It should have a title (it does not have to be a creative title). DO NOT: use larger font, increase margins, triple space, use weird word spacing, make your heading half the first page, or any other tricks designed to make your paper appear longer. Doing these does not improve the quality of your paper, which is what you will be graded on.

Do not use block quotes – quotes that are more than 3-4 lines long. Instead, paraphrase and put it into your own words. You should cite your quotes and examples using parenthetical citations such as this (White, 12). Note the period goes AFTER the citation consider the citation as a part of your sentence. Introduce your quotes and provide context. Explain examples and quotes thoroughly. Do not plagiarize from the internet or from other students. Remember our lessons on plagiarism. Do not plagiarize, here at the end of the semester!

Use spell-check (see instructions on Canvas), proofread, and edit before submitting. Visit our new Writing Center! Utilize NetTutor. Your papers should be free from spelling and grammar errors and written at a college level. Use appropriate word choices and write in full and complete sentences. Read it over before submitting!

When referencing the author, use her full name the first time you mention her and then her last name thereafter. It’s just White, no ‘Dr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ Book titles are always in Italics, no quotation marks or underline.

Watch your word usage – use the terms African American (always capitalized), Black (capitalized or not but be consistent), or Person/People of Color (capitalized or not but be consistent). DO NOT use the terms ‘Negro’ or ‘Colored’ unless you are directly quoting the book. Both terms are considered offensive now.

In the book Ar’n’t I A Woman? by Deborah Gray White, the author explores the nature of female slavery in the pre-Civil War plantation South. What strategies did female slaves use to enable their survival in a system of brutality and exploitation? You can think about survival as a broad theme – physical, emotional, and psychological. In other words, how did enslaved women manage to create some form of a life within a system that seemed bent on destroying them? You should have at least 5 strong and different examples from throughout the book not all from chapter 1, but a sampling from throughout.

This is an analysis paper, not a summary. You do not need to summarize the book, but rather pick and choose specific examples to focus on. Use specific examples from the book. Cite your examples. And relate your examples back to your thesis/argument. How does your example demonstrate this attempt at survival? Remember that your focus is on the surviving, the fighting back, not just on the awful conditions. We want our paper to have a more positive tone, that there were things women did to combat the abuse and general awfulness of slavery.