In His Steps (by: Charles Sheldon)

Choose one chapter from the novel In His Steps, making certain that it is an important chapter to the overall plot of the story. Reread the chapter carefully, take notes on it, and develop an outline for a literary critique using the instructions given.

Here is your goal for this assignment:

Compose a literary critique

Write an essay of at least 350 words in which you:

Summarize the plot of the chapter. Analyze any minor conflicts addressed in the chapter.
Analyze the characters featured in the chapter.
Interpret the theme(s) addressed in the chapter.
Identify and evaluate any literary devices or figures of speech that appear in the chapter.
Describe how the events in the chapter relate to the entire literary work, and explain why the chapter is important to the book as a whole.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

Clearly state your position and support it with evidence from the text. Use specific quotes. Remember to document your quotes properly, using MLA format.
Make sure each paragraph contains one main idea and supporting details. Use complete sentences including compound and complex sentences.
Include an introductory paragraph, proper transitions, and an appropriate conclusion.
Make sure your essay contains no errors in conventions such as spelling or grammatical errors, and is at least 350 words long.