If a person is not suffering from an incurable illness, is suicide ever morally permissible?

Begin by brainstorming on the following questions: What are the most important arguments that
may be offered in support of the chosen view? What are the most important arguments that may
be offered against that view? Which position would you defend? Why? What is the most
important objection(s) to your position? How would you respond?
Your essay should summarize the opposing arguments in the literature and present your own
critical analysis of the evidence offered by the different sides. You should take a side in the
debate and defend your position.
The essay should start with an introduction, where you motivate the topic, briefly explain the
debate, and present your argument. Including a roadmap will help the reader preview your
Your essay should provide an overview of the literature on the topic, the main arguments that
have been made, and the evidence that has been offered in support of those arguments. In your
analysis, which should constitute the main portion of the essay, present your critical evaluation
of the arguments and the evidence.
The literature overview does not need to be comprehensive. Focus on the works that you think
are most important. This means that before you start writing, you will need to critically read the
literature to identify the works you will discuss.