Identify what you learned about yourself and others from this exercise in a real live setting.

During this course, you are required to go out and actually negotiate for something, twice! You can
negotiate for anything; dry cleaning services, phone services, restaurant services or anything. You may
also use different formats other than face-to-face negotiations, such as by phone, email, or even text
messaging and other digital platforms. My preference is for you to negotiate in a setting where
negotiations are uncommon (e.g. at the farmers market or flea market). For example you might
negotiate for a free dessert at your favorite restaurant (provided they are still in business). You can be
the buyer or the seller and although you do not need to complete the transaction, you must be willing
to accept the deal if your terms are met, an ethical transaction. Do not negotiate for a car or house for
example if you are not actually interested in buying one.

In your write-up, 1-2 pages, single-spaced I will be looking for (and grading) the following:

*An interesting negotiation setting. Any setting will work, but I would prefer to see you initiate
negotiation in a setting where negotiations are not normal.

*Preparation in one of your negotiations is a must. You need to document how you prepared for
this negotiation. Actual planning materials will be accepted as part of your submission and are
encouraged. The other negation can be spontaneous or planned, but at least one needs to be
planned and documented.

*Integration of class material and what you learned need to be documented in your negotiations.
To what extent can you incorporate class theory, procedures, concepts, practices and lessons
into these real live world negotiations?

*Identify what you learned about yourself and others from this exercise in a real live setting.
How did it differ from class exercises?