identify an SME of your choice and write a concise report that analyses and evaluates the firms international business. Your chosen SME can be from any country but must sell to at least one market outside its home country.

Provide a brief overview of the business, including company name,
products/services as well as other relevant information such as ownership,
age, size, facilities and resources
Succinctly describe the companys international business, for example, when
they internationalised, foreign market/s, mode of entry. This might include
information on the foreign market to provide context e.g. industry sector,
customers, competition
Apply concepts from weeks 2- 5 to analyse and evaluate the firms
international business. This is a key section of your report and you should
draw on a good range of class concepts and demonstrate in-depth
understanding of how they apply to the business in practice.
Acknowledge all sources with in-text references and a reference list.
Your report should use the following format:
Title Page (include name, ID and stream number), Introduction, Findings,
Discussion and Conclusion.
12point font, 1.5 line spacing and page numbering