Human sexuality

reflection papers are an integration of personal reflection (like a journal) and synthesis/application of the content learned. Some helpful prompts are provided below to guide responses in these reflection papers. They should adhere to APA formatting, include 2-3 empirical references with proper citations throughout for each entry, and should be no less than 3-4 pages (excluding separate cover and reference page).

Feel free to utilize some or all these prompts to begin your reflection of the content discussed:

What did you learn from the topics discussed these last few weeks? Provide a brief summary (include citations here if discussing scholarly literature)
What sticks out for you?
What biases/preconceived notions did you bring into those weekly lessons/topics?
From where did those biases originate?
What social/cultural factors are important to consider when discussing these topics? Why is this important?
What is 1 way you intend to grow yourself and your knowledge, acceptance, and understanding of this/these topic(s)?