Human Development

This essay is an article critique for any scholarly article about human development, needs to be include:
1. Describe the basis characteristics of your article: goal, hypothesis, structure/model
2. Describe the research method used
3. Has ethics concerns such as informed consent and confidentiality been addressed or indicated? Are there other ethic concerns regarding the information provided.
4. Describe the strengths and limitations to your article
5. Identify what conclusions can be derived from the articles and how it relates to what you are learning about psychology.
6. Identify basic statistical results of your information. Is the information reliable and valid?
7. Describe sample size and how that impacts the results of the article and conclusions.
8, Evaluate the validity of conclusions and lurking variables that may have influenced the result of the articles.
9. Identify sociocultural contexts/influences that may change the outcome of the article as well as individual differences that may influence the applicability of the articles findings. Such factors may include but are not limited to: age, gender, socioeconomic status, demographics such as race/culture, location, impact of authors influence and who the audience is.
10. The goal of the article is to identify whether or not this areas of research have been addressed to support the information presented. When you make a critique be specific about the example or lack of example given in the article. If the article does not address these questions share how that impacts the validity and reliability of the information presented.