Human Anatomy

Paper Requirements

Each research paper should include:

Title page that includes
Your name
Title of the paper
Name of the organ system and the normal functions of this organ system. If graphics are included, indicate that they are located at the end of the report (on the graphics page).
Provide this information on both of the pathologies listed under the organ system you select:
Discuss the anatomy of the pathology and how it changes the organ system
Cause of the pathology
Any specific age, gender or environmental relationships that are related to the pathology
Treatment options
Details of new research for the treatment of the pathology (Be sure to include who is conducting this research)
Summarize the information in your report. In your own words, tell what you learned from your research. Include recommendations in this section as well about changes that might stop or hinder the development of each pathology.
Graphics Page
If you include graphics, place them here. Make sure they are clearly labeled and referenced in your report. Indicate in the introduction that graphics are included and located at the end of the report.
Reference page
You should have at least 5 references in addition to your textbook if you decide to include it as a reference.

10 pages not including title and reference pages
Double spaced
Times New Roman 12 pt
1-inch margins
Page numbering: All pages except page 1 (title page) should be numbered in a footer