How would you in the role of a peer advocate make the referral to a relevant resource comfortable?

You will pick 1 of the topics that we discussed this semester. When making this decision, please take into account:
Your interest in the topic (TITLE IX)
Your desire to research more in depth the specified topic
Your ability to discuss or talk about the topic

After you choose your topic, you will be asked to make a 10-12-minute presentation that will be given to me during the week of finals. You can choose to either record the presentation on Zoom and send me the 10-12-minute presentation through Blackboard Learn, or you can set up a time with me during the week of finals to give the presentations on Zoom live. I expect a powerpoint/prezi/google slides presentation along with 10-12 minutes of you talking about the slides and presenting the information to me. You will be expected turn in both the recording of your presentation, as well as the powerpoint/prezi/google slides.

Originally, this presentation would have been given to my high school classes in person, but as the situation has changed, you will still be giving the presentation with information addressed towards high school students (ages 14-18) who will be coming to college soon. They are your younger peers, and you want to help them address these issues now before they are your age.

Your presentation should include:
A definition of the topic/subject, as well as an overview of the topic/subject as a whole
An overview of the issue for the demographic
What the issue may look like for high school students
Information from the resources I gave you during the class
Information from your own resources
A works cited page
The resources that are available to the demographic
How these resources can be accessed? (internet, in person, hotline, include any barriers that would be relevant to your audience i.e. Age)
Can you get to this resource by bus, what is the exact location, operation times, what type of staff can you expect to encounter (police, nurses, mental health professionals, peers), do you have to provide identification, any cost associated with services, type of care or resources that the person can expect.
How would you in the role of a peer advocate make the referral to a relevant resource comfortable?

After your presentation to the high school students (me), you will be asked to write a 2-page, MLA or APA format paper reflecting on the experience of presenting out, what you learned about your topic that you didnt know before, and how you can utilize and share the information to become a better peer health advocate.