How should social media be regulated? Argue for a Proposal

Introduction: (a) Take a stand on the conflict of values/principles at the heart of this issue, in support of (b) your thesis, in which you make a proposal for regulating content on social media platforms (who should do it and what should be done).
Analogy: Support your position on who should lead with one well-developed analogy.
Prioritizing value A over value B is like
Making private companies/individuals/government accountable is like
Regulating (or maximally regulating) social media is like
Not regulating (or minimally regulating) social media is like
Rationale for Proposal: Provide answers to each of the 4 questions raised in Facebooks White Paper along with a value-based reasons which address the positive consequences of your answers and develop your analogy:
In defense of your proposal, give a reason for the value that should be prioritized in the conflict of values at the heart of this issue.
Regulation that requires performance targets is like
Defining harmful content is like
Prohibiting harmful content is like
Consider & Respond to your Opposition:
Extend the principle of charity in the depiction of your opposition’s position.
Consider their challenge that you have improperly balanced the values/principles at state.
Consider the negative consequences of the priorities of your proposal.
Consider how they might challenge your analogy.
Respond in defense of your position.
Conclusion: Briefly restate your proposal, why it is urgent to act now, and what public good will follow from adopting it.