How Moallem (author) persuades the intended audience to tae the topic of their essay seriously

-Jon Moallem text
-explain the purposeful relationship between the speaker and the audience.
-3-4 pages
-Do not criticize the text
– Introduction provides engaging opening statements and clear context for argument.
-Well- developed thesis expresses a nuanced understanding of speaker-audience relationship
– The evidence is Limited/no summary; critical analysis offers sophisticated support for thesis
-Well-chosen evidence efficiently embedded in body paragraphs.
-Analysis explicitly connects evidence to the central argument.
-Topic sentences are argumentative and explicitly connect to the thesis.
-Topic and concluding sentences aligned.
-Successful sequence of TSs enhances argument; Themeatic transitions build up argument’s sequencing.

Essay Brainstorming questions:
1. What assumptions might the reader bring to the essay with them about the species or topic?
2. How does the author acknowledge or support or challenge those assumptions? identify key moments in the essay that you would like to discuss in your essay.
3. What should the audience understand after finishing the essay? What does the author want to teach or show them or make them aware of? How can you tell? (Be careful here; not asking how you personally reacted to the essay. Not asking if you agreed with the author’s message. Focus your analysis on the intentional audience to avoid writing an off-topic response.