How many different types of philosophers do you identify in the Republic? How are they like each other? How are they different? You might begin your research by looking at Roslyn Weiss’s work on this question.

The paper should be minimum of 7 pages (Times New Roman), standard one inch margins, and double line spacing. Reference should take the form of Chicago-style footnotes, with a bibliography at the end. one will be finalized for plagiarism. Paper should contain at least three relevant scholarly (not popular) books, and at least three relevant scholarly (not popular) journal articles. Of these six sources, two of them should be scholars with whom you disagree, and whose work you critique in your paper. In all cases, your claims should be grounded in the texts themselves; you will be expected to provide textual citations to support your claims (quote Plato by Stephan’s number, Aristotle by Bekker number).