How is experiencing deep and long-lasting happiness caused by internal rather than external factors?

1. It is an argument. Please make sure that it reads like an argument.
2. Rewrite whichever parts if needed.
3. Plagiarism is 15% or less.
4. Make sure the essay clearly answers in complex explanation the essay question
5. Think link to stimulus which is (Have you Renounced Pleasure? From the book of joy.)
6. Insure the line of reasoning is logical and organized, fully explains connection between evidence and claims and is detailed and complex.
7. Insure that the pieces of all evidence (that are credible) are linked and perspectives in conversation.
8. Insure that the essay has a realistic conclusion fully aligning with research question.
9. Insure clear in text citation.
10. Ensure MLA is right and well written.
11. Essay should not exceed 2000 words
12. Right format for an IWA font space and cover page
13. There should be at least 12 MLA resources include more if missing one or so.