How has trade, beginning with the Silk Road and going up through the 20thcentury, affected societies?

In order to write a strong paper on this topic you need to do the following:
-Carefully read the question and make sure that your answer focuses exclusively on the question. Papers that analyze only one time period are incomplete; papers must address the entirety of the time period specified.
-Review the assigned audio recordings, readings from the textbook, and the PowerPoint presentations. The paper must show a strong grasp of all the course material that is relevant to the question, including the audio recordings. Papers based only on the WTWA text and outside websites are insufficient to answer the question fully; the audios and videos must be cited.
-Provide a clear thesis within an introduction paragraph. The introduction paragraph should frame the topic, and at some point the introduction must include a thesis statement.
-Provide arguments and evidence that support the thesis in subsequent paragraphs. Feel free to arrange your paper as you wish, but there must be a clear logical flow. Do not skip around between topics and time periods. If you cannot divine a clear flow based on themes, feel free to order your paper chronologically by starting with the oldest topic and proceeding to the most recent topic.
-Write clearly.