How did the 19th Amendment impact womens rights and responsibilities?

The major project in this class is your persuasive research essay. Your research essay must be a 10-12 page (approximately 2500-3000 word) essay that takes a clearly definable stance regarding an issue, supports it with credible research, and defends it effectively in an appropriate academic writing style. The essay should demonstrate the standards of good argumentation.

Research Requirements

For your final essay you will be required to utilize information from the following areas:

Internet 1 – 4 sources
Academic Journals, Articles, and/or Periodicals 4 – 7 sources
Academic Book 1 – 7 sources
Biblical 1 source
Original Research 1 source

Source selections for a., b., and c. must meet the standards of credibility established in this class. Students must evaluate each source for accuracy and authority.
Your biblical reference requires substantial support for your thesis from whatever translation of the Bible you choose. Link your research meaningfully with scripture as best you can.
Original research examples include interviews, polls, questionnaires, observations, experiments, case studies, and other methods of collecting information beneficial to your thesis. For example, a university is a wonderful place to seek interviews with knowledgeable sources (faculty experts in diverse disciplines).
However you decide on the numbers for each kind of source, the total number of sources must be 14 minimum.