History of women’s education

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Essays must be in standard essay form: introduction; body of essay with ideas in each paragraph building on the previous one, and finally, concluding paragraph).

Essays must be typed (Font #12); double-spaced, with in-text citations, as well as a Works Cited page (MLA, Chicago, or APA style).

The Final Essay will be five (5) or more pages.

In addition to your ideas, evaluation of your response paper will be based on references to articles, films/documentaries studied in class, as well as your own research.

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Important***** MUST include topics from “In the Company of Educated Women: a History of Women and Higher Education in America” by Solomon, B. M. Also from the Hankivsky (2014) article (Attached)

Respond to a & b: (Discuss both parts as one paper; not separately, and no headings, please)*

a) Using examples and references from the main text, articles, and other relevant readings, discuss how, prior to the 20th century, women in the US became educated, in spite of societal assumptions and expectations about women.

b) Using Hankivsky (2014) and/or from your own research, discuss how issues of race, socioeconomic status, or sexuality, disability, further complicate women’s experiences in higher education