History of tanzania ( country)

This is the time to move on to the individual adopted country paper, now that we are
well educated on the background of the [historical] importance of Africa to mankind.
There are 54 countries in Africa today and you are free to adopt any one of them for
this assignment. Many of you have obtained my permission on their choices. If you
have not sent your adopted country to me for approval, please, do so before you
proceed with your research. Please, complete a thoughtful research paper, focusing on
some of the central themes we have been following such as, When did Africa Become
Poor? Why did Africa Become Poor? and Why is it that Africa Remains Poor? Please, use
the guideline given below. Your paper cannot exceed six pages, not including
References or Bibliography and Appendix, if any. Your final paper, which is due
during Wk 15 and 10% of your course grade (see syllabus, please) must be
professionally written and completed. In order to encourage you not to procrastinate, a
draft of the final paper is due during Wk. 13. This will also allow other students to read
and comment on what you have done. You must follow any one of the writing styles
and manual, such as APA, MLA. The Chicago Manual and the like.
Individual Paper (seminar) on an Adopted African Country Outline/Guideline
1. History and People 1 page
2. Government 1 page
3. Economy 1 page
4. Education 1 page
5. Women in Development 1 page
6. Overall impression, including the effects of globalization and prospects, based on
your research about the country in the next three to five years – 1 page
Some Resources to get you started
http://www.worldbank.org/ (Links to an external site.)
http://au.int/ (Links to an external site.)
https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ (Links to an external
At the end of Wk. 13, please, submit your draft paper, including sources. I will give
instructions later on how and where to submit the draft.