History of NewYork

Answer the two of the essays below. They must be typed. In each of your essays you must have at least two citations to back up/illustrate a point you are trying to make. In terms of what to cite, they must be from the assigned readings. Each essay should be about 5 to 6 paragraphs (about 500 to 600 words). I will be looking to see that you have a good mastery of important historical information and critical historical themes and that you have at least two citations in each essay to back up a point you are trying to make.

1. One way of thinking about NYC history is through looking at how it is a city where there is lot of conflict, disagreement, and tension. Why do you think there is so much of those things? What are the main sources and examples of these tensions/conflicts/disagreements in the period from 1620s through the 1880s.answer from one of these links below

2. Like all cities, New York City is an economic engine. In your essay, describe New York Citys economy from the Dutch period through the Civil War. How has the citys economy changed? What sorts of labor were critical? What were some key moments when the citys economy accelerated? In what way did the citys economy fit into a larger global and Atlantic world economies?answer from one of these links below




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