Hidden Histories

Write a 2-page (Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one-inch margins) response to ONE of the Podcast episodes below. What did you learn? What surprised you? Why is this information important? How does this information fit into the theme of the class: Slavery and Freedom – a paradox?

Chang and Eng: A Messy American Dream link: https://www.mobituaries.com/the-podcast/season-1/toomers-oaks-the-death-of-a-tree/

The Orphan Train: Death of an Experiment link: https://www.mobituaries.com/the-podcast/the-orphan-train-death-of-an-experiment/

The Black Congressmen of Reconstruction: Death of Representation link: https://www.mobituaries.com/the-podcast/the-black-congressmen-of-reconstruction-death-of-representation/

Thomas Paine: Death of a Forgotten Founding Father link: https://www.mobituaries.com/the-podcast/thomas-paine-death-of-a-forgotten-founding-father/