health related community support group

Student Activity: Health-Related Community Support Group Observation

Purpose: To provide the student with the opportunity to observe the support group process and identify health-related support services available in the community.

Learning Objectives: The student will be able to:

Identify the goals and responsibilities of the group pertinent to client care needs.
Identify group policy and procedures to achieve client care goals that include:
A. Setting of Meeting

B. Seating Pattern

C. Identify leader of the session

Identify the communication skills the group utilized in interactions with clients:
A. Focus of discussion

B. Verbal and non-verbal behaviors

C. Emotional tone of meeting

D. Communication blocks

E. Identify observed group roles (gatekeeper, etc.)

F. Encouragement of members to participate

Identify the impact the group had on client care needs.
Discuss what was most valuable about this observational experience.
Discuss what was least valuable about this observational experience.
Directions: This assignment includes a research paper and an observational experience. MUST INCLUDING the title and reference page.

Choose a health-related community support group.
Complete and have instructor sign and approve the Health-Related Community Support Group Planning and Attendance Form before attending the meeting (or by due date).
Schedule an observational visit as a nursing student with an authorized person of the support group.
Verifying attendance, obtain the signature from an authorized person of the health-related support group on the Health- Related Community Support Group Planning and Attendance Form in the space provided.
Submit document clinical faculty (or on canvas as instructed) within one week after observation of the support group meeting. Keep a copy for reference.
Complete the research paper as listed on the grade rubric, after attendance at the health-related community support group.
Confidentiality of all client information is mandatory.
Dress code is observational with student identification card. Arrive on time and contact the authorized person. Introduce yourself and state your purpose. Following the activity, address the learning objectives above in a verbal report to the clinical group in post conference.

**** I attended a community support group already.. this was Alzheimers and Dementia support group in tampa FL on March 7, 2020.
There are 12 people, I just observed the meeting.