Choose 3 of the 5 questions to answer. Each question is worth 50 points, which will make this assignment worth 150 points. Each question you choose to answer should have a minimum of one quote from the play and be no less than 250 words (without the quote) in order to receive full credit. Be sure to read and answer your chosen questions fully. MLA format and a Work Cited pg are a part of the grading.
1. Action or Inaction – What keeps Hamlet from following through with his plans to avenge his father? Is his indecisiveness justifiable or is he too hesitant to take action?
2. Certainty – Is it possible to be completely certain of something? How much information do you need to prove the certainty of something? If you were Hamlet, when, if ever, would you have been certain that Claudius had something to do with your father’s death?
3. Death – How is the mystery of death explored through Hamlet? What role does religion play in Hamlet’s thoughts on death? Do you believe the death of Claudius would bring revenge to Hamlet’s father’s death?
4. Play Within a Play – In what ways does Shakespeare use a “play within a play” to further the story? Why does Hamlet decide to put on a play? What is Hamlet looking for in putting on the play and is he successful in his mission?
5. Love and Suffering – How closely related are the ideas of love and suffering? Does anyone fall in love in this play who doesn’t suffer? How does this relate to your own life?