graduate school personal statement

Write a 500-700 word personal statement for a graduate school application (2-3 pages double spaced)either for a MA, professional degree/certification, or a Phd. You can choose whatever academic or professional degree you will apply for. You may want to research actual programs online that you are interested in. There are many ways that you can write a personal statement, and unlike other types of professional writing, the format is not so rigid or black and white. There are many ways you can write this statement, and there is definitely room for your own creative voice. However, listed below are some generally accepted advice you should keep in mind as you write:

1. First of all, a personal statement IS NOT a narrative of your resume. Instead you will explore a few themes, ideas, and events that have shaped your life and have motivated you to apply to the degree you are applying to. It should also express how these things relate to your research agenda—specific ideas you plan to explore with your graduate work. Only choose elements of your resume that relate to your overall life objective or mission– which should be clear to the reader.
2. After you address the overall theme of your life at the beginning of your statement, explain why this program or school that you are applying to appeals to you in the context of this theme.
3. Every experience that you mention that you feel is relevant to what you are applying to should be evaluated. What did you learn from this experience, what did it show both good and bad about your personality/character?
4. Focus mostly on the affirmative aspects of your life/career, but dont be afraid to address some of the downsides and blemishes of your career and/or character. If you address these issues, tell the reader how you are improving or surpassing these challenges. This shows you have room for growth, and a willingness to learn from others. You want to avoid an overly-confident, bragging tone; sometimes, this can backfire whenever you are applying for anything. No one is perfect. Keep a somewhat humble self-confidence.
5. Of course, avoid grammar and mechanics mistakes.
6. Use a readable and conventional font size and typeface.
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